Aboriginal Cultural Planning

A Cultural Plan in an important element for Aboriginal children in out-of-home care.

It is a plan that strengthens their Aboriginal identity and encourage their connection to their Aboriginal culture and community.

There is a Senior Advisor located at each Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation. They will advocate for the development of Cultural Plans for Aboriginal children. These cultural plans will be individualized to strengthen their cultural connections and focus on developing their cultural values, beliefs, practices and personal identity, and connections to Country, family, clan, Community, history, symbolism, cultural expression and events.

“Keep our kids connected to their culture so they grow to be strong in who they are and feel like they belong”

Cultural Plans are co-designed with the child and includes information that the child is being supported to explore and have an emerging knowledge of their cultural connections, history and identity. Senior Advisors also provide secondary consultation support to Care Teams in the review of existing Cultural Support Plans.

Want to know more?

Contact: Wayne Carroll
Cultural Support Care Planner
Phone: (02) 6024 7599
E-mail: occ@mungabareena.org.au
My work hours are 9-5, Monday through Friday.

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