Aboriginal Family Led Decision Making

The Aboriginal family-led decision-making program is an approach to decision-making and planning for Aboriginal children subject to child protection intervention where abuse or neglect has been substantiated. The program is guided by cultural tradition, actively involves the child’s family and Aboriginal community and is grounded in a partnership between area-based Department of Health and Human Services child protection services and the local Aboriginal community.

Significant preparatory work with family members occurs prior to the decision-making meeting which is co-convened by a departmental convenor and an Aboriginal community convenor and attended by a community Elder, the family and relevant professionals.

Keep our kids connected to their culture so they grow to be strong in who they are and feel like they belong

Assessments and referrals may come in various forms, such as the following:

  • The Department Health & Human Services (DH&HS)
  • Victorian Aboriginal Child Care (VACCA)
  • Lekidjika
  • Upper Murray Family Care (UMFC)
  • Junction

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Aboriginal Family Led Decision Making
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