Cultural Safety Advisor

The Victorian Governments Royal commission into Family Violence found that there were barriers to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people reporting family violence.

There was found a need for Family Violence organisations to understand the importance of providing a culturally safe service for Aboriginal victim’s survivors of family violence.

The Cultural Safety Role came about as a result of Recommendation 148 of the Victorian Government Royal Commission into Family Violence.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence reported that the entire family violence system should be culturally appropriate and easy to access to provide choice for Aboriginal people.

The Cultural Safety Advisor works to ensure that the family violence system is culturally safe and appropriate, easy to access and provides choices for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people through forging strong relationships with mainstream agencies.

The Cultural Safety Advisor works with mainstream services to undertake cultural safety reviews and action plans, improving the cultural safety of their service focusing on:

  • Engaging with victim survivors of family violence in ways that demonstrates belief, respect, and valuing of knowledge and lived experience.
  • Understanding and refraining from judgement and assumptions.
  • Recognise and support Aboriginal people to access mainstream services.
  • Understand the broader definition of family violence for Aboriginal communities and understand the importance of kinship connections for those communities.

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Kim Saunders
Cultural Safety Advisor
(02) 6024 7599
My work hours are 9-5, Monday through Friday.

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