Koori Maternity Support Worker

The Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation Koori Maternity Support Worker will work specifically with the Local Aboriginal Community in Albury/Wodonga and surrounding areas to improve utilisation of and access to Maternity and Maternal and Child Health Services. The Koori Maternity Support Worker works towards improving links with the local Aboriginal Community and service providers to ensure that the appropriate services are accessed and to ensure service providers are aware of specific issues and work very closely with the Wodonga Regional Health Service Koori Maternity Enhancement Worker.

Services Include:

Antenatal Classes, Doctors Appointments, Specialist Appointments, Breast Pump Loan Service, Referral and support to agencies, Advocacy, Postnatal follow up, Linkages to Play group & Linkages to Maternal and child health services.


For further information and enquiries, please contact us.

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