Koorie Families as First Educators

Koorie Families as First Educators provides an in-home or group evidence-based parenting program for parents with Aboriginal Children aged from pre-birth to school commencement age.

Koorie Families as First Educators also provides Support Services to families to assist with wellbeing and parenting capacity within the home.

Koori First Steps Playgroup

Playgroup is for parents & children to meet other families with young children in a friendly environment.

Playgroup gives parents who are feeling isolated a chance to feel comfortable, connect & socializing with other families.

Playgroup also provides an opportunity for children to interact with other families which provides social and developmental opportunities.

Koori First Steps is a weekly group available during the school terms.

So if you are connected to or would like to connect with culture, we would love to meet you in our culturally safe environment.

We aim to empower families as their child’s first educators.

Want to know more?

Yvonne Hunter
Koorie Families as First Educators Coordinator
(02) 6024 7599
My work hours are 9-5, Monday to Thursday.

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