Home & Community Care

The Mungabareena Home And Community Care (HACC) Program provides support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in various target groups including the frail and elderly, young people with disabilities and carers.  The HACC program has developed methods of engagement between the Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation and mainstream Home And Community Care organisations at the service management and coordination levels, thereby developing methods of culturally responsive and sustainable service provision.  This includes providing information on cultural awareness and service supports to mainstream HACC providers, identifying current practices that are working well, opportunities for improvement, systemic barriers and making recommendations for solutions to identified issues.  As part of the HACC Program, Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation engages with key community stakeholders to support Indigenous access to mainstream HACC organisations, this engagement includes networking with the other Supported Access workers for mutual support, sharing of information and the showcas of best practice.

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