Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation strives to provide culturally safe and high quality care to our clients and community. Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation adopts a continuous quality improvement culture through

  • Independent assessment of services and successful participation in accreditation against the ISO 9001, Human Service Standards and the
  • National Quality Framework
  • A Quality Management System (LogiqcQMS)
  • Quality Committees and Champions
  • Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation’s Quality Framework


Quality at Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation is underpinned by 5 Quality Objectives, these are

  1. We are culturally safe and responsive
  2. We value feedback
  3. We continually improve
  4. We are accountable
  5. We are inclusive

The Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation’s quality objectives ensure a mechanism to measure success and identify opportunities for improvement so a sustainable, culturally safe and high level quality of service can be provided to the community.

Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation is a Child Safe Organisation
Our commitment to child safety

  • We have a strong commitment to ensuring our children is safe, happy and empowered
  • We have zero tolerance for child abuse
  • We actively work to listen to and empower children
  • We have systems to protect children from abuse, and take all allegations very seriously and will respond to them consistently in line with Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation policies and procedures
  • Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation is committed to promoting the cultural safety of our Aboriginal children, the cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and providing a safe environment for children with a disability
  • Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation also promotes an inclusive environment for children and young people who identify as LGBTQIA+
  • Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation Child Safe Working group