Mungabareena’s Family Service program offers assistance and support for Aboriginal children, young people, and their families to promote healing, support & advocacy. We employ a holistic approach to ensure the cultural needs of our families are met too.

Family Services provide Culturally safe support & assistance to Aboriginal families with children and young people from pre-birth up to and including 17 years of age, who reside in the local Ovens & Murray region.

As the local Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation for the Ovens & Murray region, we at Mungabareena understand the needs of the community as we are accountable to community. We work in partnerships with families that are referred for Family Services support. Family Service staff work with family members to improve outcomes, safety and development of children, young people, and their families. Our Family Services Practitioners work alongside families toward identified goals that will support them to thrive in the future.

What does our Family Services program do?

Provide regular in-home support, outreach, and office-based visits.
working with you and your children in a Cultural strengths & trauma informed approach
delivering parenting programs tailored to your child’s age and each family’s individual needs that strengthens your community connection.
supporting the development of boundaries, responses, and parenting strategies in a Culturally appropriate way
strengthening family relationships, including those with your child in a Culturally safe manner
A detailed assessment of your family’s needs
Child and family care planning, referrals, information, and advocacy
Practical assistance
Culturally strengthen your connection to your community
Understanding the ‘one sit does not fit all’ approach and working toward self-determination for the family.
assisting our families to identify and link with other specialist services where needed.


for more information please contact our office and ask for a member of the Family Services team.