Information on Income Support for Coronavirus

For people who’ve never received income support before

You may already have a Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN). This may be from when you got student or family payments or even from when your parents received benefits for you. CRNs don’t change. You have a number for life. If you previously had a CRN, you can use that number now to go online to make a claim.

Please take the time to look for this number. It will help you claim quickly. Your CRN may be listed on old bank statements, letters or documents from your educational institution.

Please download and read the Information on income support for Coronavirus brochure for more information.

For people already receiving income support

If you already get a Centrelink payment, you don’t need to contact us to get additional payments. This includes the two lump sum $750 Economic Support Payments to support households and the $550 additional Coronavirus Supplement. This will happen as part of your usual payment. You can’t nominate a particular day to get your payment.

Please download and read the income support payments for people already getting a payment brochure for more information.

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